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Download Demo Software To explore the capabilities of RRIFmetic at your convenience, why not download and install our fully-functional* Demo Software to your own computer. Or just the users manual.

Important. --The file you will download is called fulldemo.exe. If prompted by your browser, select 'Save' not 'Open' or 'Run', and make note of the directory the file is saved into (filesize is about 3.5mb). When the file has been downloaded, click on the filename "fulldemo.exe" and follow the instructions to install the program. Also, do not rename the file!

If you get a file format error after you install, go here to relocate system files.

You will also receive a self-running slide show that walks you through various planning scenarios, helping you get familiar with the program.
To download just the slide show.... click here.

Click here to download the demo program now.

* The program will expire after 45 days or so. (you can still use it beyond that time although some printout detail will be obscured); you may purchase a full version and continue to use any data you enter during the trial period).

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