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Goal-based. RRIFmetic is a cash flow program, with an emphasis on ATI (after tax income or lifestyle). The user specifies the ATI and the program proceeds to create a cash flow schedule (payments in, out and between the RSP and nonReg capital pools) which exactly drives it (the ATI) out. No shortfall, No surplus, No deficit.... the exact cash flow schedule!

100% tax accurate. The program's tax treatment is exact. OAS/GIS clawbacks, indexed brackets, TONI, dividend tax credit (Federal & provincial, eligible & non), charitable donations.... everything. Most important of all is that the process in which income tax interacts discretely with registered, nonregistered and equity capital is fully differentiated over time.

Interactive. RRIFmetic solves the 'die broke' paradigm in three (count em, 3) seconds. 'What-if' scenarios can be effected in front of the client directly. No more 'come back next week', this is what true planning is all about! In fact, the unparalleled speed at which RRIFmetic solves, enables a unique integrated (inside the program) MonteCarlo calculation as one of the computing options.

Inclusiveness. All forms of financial undertakings are included... loans, RESPs, TFSAs, ROCs, insurance -term (level/variable premium)/UL/LTC/disability-, reverse mortgages, business income, dividends, rental properties, pensions (DC/DB), CPP, OAS, GIS. Each financial entity and its effect on all other entities can be seen as part of a single integrated cash flow calculation. This is a different approach than those vendors which provide individual spreadsheet modules and look at each financial entity in a vaccuum... the interrelationships over time between after tax income and the discrete cash flows just don't happen with these types of programs.

Future cash events. Selling a business, real estate, an inheritance, using UL to collateralize a future investment loan, downsizing your home..... all such future cash flow streams (taxable, nontaxable, dividend income) are automatically incorporated in the RRIFmetic 'reverse tax' math.

There is no concept of retirement.... RRIFmetic can be used for a twenty year old or an eighty year old. (married/single/hi or low net worth/working/retired) It is universally applicable.
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