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Just to show you how straightforward a RRIFmetic analysis can be, we are prepared to crunch a simple study. Just send us an example (individual preferred, but a couple is OK too).

Here is a representative study to give you an idea....

  • 55 years old, $65,000 salary, plans to retire at age 60
  • Has $200,000 in RSP and $50,000 in non-registered investments
  • Has a $50,000 line of credit (8%) which he plans to pay off at age 65
  • Owns a rental property worth $200,000, with an adjusted cost base of $100,000
  • Rental income is $20,000 per year (plans to sell the rental property when he turns 63)
  • Rate of growth 6%, cpi 2%. Province Ontario.
  • Full CPP/OAS entitlements
  • Retirement after tax income (ATI) goal: $35,000 per year (in today's $) starting at age 65
  • 'Die broke' (capital just runs out) at age 95, or specify an exact net estate.
Email your version of the above example.... You will receive by return email, a PDF file of the 'RRIFmetic-solved' reports/plan.

Send email narrative of your planning scenario to steve.salter@fimetrics.com

Be prepared to be amazed. BTW, it is our impression that the last two points (above) are simply impossible to do with any other program.

For best effect, phone me (250-335-0637) when it is sent, and time how long it takes before you get the PDF!!!!

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