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Sept 15/2016:
Product (Version 2016)

The upgrade file is no longer available on line. The new release is now current. (see below) New V2016 (Sept 15, 2016) new release (contains latest TFSA, ROC, eligible/enhanced dividends, new RRIF max age, RESP rules) New updates

Some of the new features released in the 2013/14&15 versions....
- New OAS age rules
- Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)
- Return of Capital (ROC) investment entity
- July -1/2016 changes to tax module as per CRA T4127E
- file-get list can now be sorted by date last accessed
- advisor address/info data entry
- lowest fed rate reduced from 15.5 to 15%
- fed tax credit up to $10527
- new RRIF max age from 69 to 71
- new RESP rule changes
- income splitting methodology (click here)
- $2K child tax credit
- new tax check companion program and access to actual tax computer code
- fix to the DCG SWP calculation for capitalizations starting near term
- new screen size is now adjustible (from full screen down to a mini screen
- result grid can be 'slimmed down' to eliminate extraneous columns
- 'compute' option finds the exact rate which both runs capital out and satisfies ATI level.
- 'monte carlo' historical rate feature (uses rate histories rather than randomizing)
- CPP option now allows the CPP value to reflect the actual CPP at any age.
- New coverpage feature allows single clients and spousal pairs to use the same coverpage (.txt file).
- New Federal budget tax rates and RSP limits. Includes most Spring/2006 changes.
- New LIF (no annuitizing at 80) for BC, Man, Que, NS.
- New simpler, streamlined option for new file creation
- New additions/enhancements in RRIF/LIRA illustrator (ctrlQ)
- New 'comparative graph' feature allows different files (divorced, say) and spousal scenarios to be compared.
- New Business asset class in portfolio
- New, much more rigorous handling of LIF/LRIF. They are now drawn down at maximum and tracked separately from the other reg capital.
- New file "save-as" utility (separate program) allows you to create identical copies of a file set (single and spousal pair)
- DCG/equity can now directly spin off dividend income.
- Name aliasing. Surname may now be masked with a number/code.
- Detailed Cash Flow Report now supresses blank columns.
- Variable premium term insurance explained. For more information, click here.

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Many new features such as printing the data entry grid, DCG entries in the portfolio window, DCG tax exemption, extra death benefit column, coverpage additions, MonteCarlo enhancements, etc

Registered users of RRIFmetic for Windows may order the new version here.

(Note... older versions V2.6, 2.5 etc are not available from Sept 15,2008 onward)

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May 19, 2002:
Graphics Server Update ver. 5.5 is now available

This patch upgrades the graphics software engine used by RRIFmetic to the latest version.

Registered users of RRIFmetic for Windows may download this update here.

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