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RRIFmetic does not require a lot of machine! It will run on a modest laptop, and even older model desktops. Here are the minimum requirements:
  • Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA*/Windows System7 (Pro only)*
  • 8 megs RAM
  • 486DX or greater
As with all software, the more memory, faster CPU and hard drive you have, the better. RRIFmetic runs best and quickest on late-model Pentium PCs with up-to-date operating systems. This is especially true when running RRIFmetic's MonteCarlo option. This does require Pentium speed.

* The more recent Windows releases (W7/W8) have made accomodation for legacy applications by making 'Virtual XP shells' as part of the operating environment. Windows System 7 requires you to be in 'XP Mode'.

IMPORTANT! This is available only on the "Professional and Ultimate" versions of W7 but not on "Windows7 Home Premium". If you have W7(Professional or Ultimate), you must install 'XP Mode' before you download the free demo version.

New.. it appears that 'VM box', a virtual shell has made MAC, Windows 7 and Windows 8 able to run XP programs such as RRIFmetic.

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