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(NEW Jan 1, 2016 tax, RRIFrules , TFSA changes. Product Update file -version 2016.1- issued Nov 4, 2016 )

Note: This update is only for registered users of RRIFmetic for Windows version 2016 issued on Sept 2016. If you haven't upgraded from 2015 to 2016, this fix will not apply! (to purchase V2016, go here)

If you have already purchased V2016, then download this upgrade. Download upgrade.exe

The new V2016.1 release contains the new Jan 01 2016 CRA changes.

See here for tips on 'income splitting'

Recent changes....

- Jan 2016 Federal tax rates - OAS age eligibility changes
-TFSA rate adder allows an offset to the rate column in the data entry grid.
-RRIF meltdown. RRIF can now be forced to deplete.
-new CPP rules for taking early/late CPP.
-loan rates, pmt levels can now vary over time
-TFSA (tax free savings account)
-ROC (Return of Capital)
-LIF rates updated for all provinces (Jan 2009)
-income splitting tutorial
-new RIF age, RESP rules
-important 3rd new 'compute' option finds the exact rate which satisfies both the 'die-broke' and ATI level.
-new 'montecarlo' feature uses historical rates rather than randomizing.
-CPP option allows the actual CPP to be specified for any year.
-coverpage feature allows single&spousal pairs to use same cover.txt file
-enhanced/non-enhanced dividends
-Streamlined 'new file create' option
-New report... "data assumptions"
-Quick RRIF/LIRA illustrator (ctrlQ) enhanced/cleaned up
-LIRA 'drawdown at maximum' option.
-new 'save-as' utility allows you to make duplicate file versions.

New RRIFmetic 2015 online Manual (Sept 15/2015)

New..... the RRIFmetic user manual has been re-written and is now in PDF format. To download the manual for version 2015 (manual.pdf) , click here.

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