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These pages are meant to supplement the manual, user help screens and tutorials. It is aimed at both old hands and first time users. The purpose is to provide general step by step guidance for some of the common RRIFmetic planning methodologies. If you have suggestions for more 'tips', please contact us.

Note: You may want to print each screen so you can refer to it when running the program.

Index of Usertips

The basics of data entry (1.)
Smoothing/Amortizing explained (2.) UL: Collateralizing a future investment loan
The Retirement Goal (comfortable client) Leaving an exact estate
The mid-net worth/mid-career client Determining a client's current lifestyle
The asset-light, early retiree client Demonstrating the UL tax advantage
RRSP-borrowing for home purchase The UL quote... an alternative approach
Demonstrating the "RESP advantage" RRIFmetic and the LIF/LRIF/new LIF
Melting down or attacking the RSP Entering data in a DE column - quickly
Inheritance Strategies Pasting data from a PDF file - quickly
Downsizing the Family home Paying off a Real Estate loan
Disability Insurance PDF files from RRIFmetic
Joint first to die Term Insurance My hubby dies in 2020. What happens?
How do I simulate the TPSP? How do I contribute to my spouse after 69?
How do I create my own graphs? "How much capital do I need?" Calculator
Variable Premium Term Insurance Modelling LTC insurance need
Error.... 'illegal file format' RRIF forces large nonreg when Smoothing
Spouses having large age differences Income Splitting for spouses
Selling home 100% and dying broke The new TFSA (for savers)
The RRSP loan The TFSA for the already retired -method 1
The TFSA for the already retired -method 2 Hubby dies early... full combined report


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